Arbasa Surgical established in 2010 but has experience beyond its years. We have the right knowledge and expertise for production and customer care. Our vision before and now is to manufacture high-quality medical instruments that are to be used freely and confidently in hospitals and clinics around the globe. If your company is looking for unique, innovative and smart medical products from Pakistan, feel free to reach out to us. We will make sure that Arbasa Surgical is your one-stop-shop for reliability and quality.

We are a forward looking Company and are continuously studying the changing market and business needs of our customers. Through our research and commitment to excellence, we will continuously work on innovating our Company and satisfying our customer’s needs. Our long term goals include –

Arbasa Surgical Manufactures and deliver a wide range of surgical and dental instruments. Our product depth covers thousands of instruments ranging from the typical instruments used in clinics to sophisticated instruments required during Arbasa Surgical. Historically, we have been approached by doctors and dentist to manufacture instruments that aren't listed on our website or don't appear within our catalogs. We have made these instruments with German Stainless Steel granted we are provided a sample or a photo (with measurements) of the desired instrument.

We are providing best quality assurance standard and maintain our product throughout the different production process by modern testing devices and trained staff which is the main hallmark to maintain the quality of its products

Through the years digitally controlled machinery was acquired and automatized production processes implemented. We also introduced computer-aided design (CAD) and the whole production cycle is computer controlled, to the final step of laser branding and shipment. Nevertheless, in DenTag all checks and tests, as well as some qualitatively crucial and delicate production steps, are handmade by our skilled craftspeople, trained by the company. Currently DenTag offers a wide variety of new items, with different aesthetics and is renowned for its high-quality standards and the ability to respond to the requests of the most demanding customers. Thanks to the focus on quality, DenTag produces dental and surgical instrumentation for several companies in Italy and abroad.


Exporter and Manufacturer of Surgical Instruments in Sialkot Pakistan
Quality Management System reviewed and Certified to the latest Standardsi.e.

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 CE, FDA Approved Products